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  • Stephanie Curtis

Astrocartography with Adrian Sedon

Updated: Apr 12

Hey, cool girls! Have you ever heard of astrocartography? It’s an ancient practice that dates back to the Babylonians and is still practiced today, although with a modern twist. In short, astrocartography is the practice of mapping where events, relationships, and other experiences occur in your life based on the position of the planets and stars. It’s a way of understanding the energies at work in your life and how they impact your daily decisions and life choices. Here’s how it works: astrologers make a map of your birth chart, which includes the planets and stars, and then make a map of the locations where you have been or will be. Based on the position of the planets and stars, an astrologer can tell you the type of energy you’ll likely experience in each area. For example, if you’re in a place with a lot of planetary energy, you could experience a rush of creativity and inspiration. Or, if you’re in a place with more Saturn energy, you could be more focused and disciplined in that area. Astrocartography can be used to plan trips, make career decisions, and even find

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